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About the data

For a full description of the dataset and the coding decisions, download the article, data, and extra material in "download data."

Information presented below is taken from

Joakim Kreutz & Magda Lorena Cárdenas (2023, forthcoming) "The Women and Men that make peace: Introducing the Mediating individuals (M-ind) dataset", Journal of Peace Research.

M-ind data contains information about:

  • 1,080 unique individual mediators

  • 1,832 unique mediation appointments

  • 552 conflict dyad-years of mediation 

  • Total coverage of 1,831 conflict dyad-years of intrastate armed conflict and lethal militarized interstate disputes

Who appoints mediators?

  1. States (889 mediation appointments)

  2. Intergovernmental Organizations (560)

  3. Local civil society (184)

  4. Prominent individuals and experts (136)

  5. International non-governmental organizations (62) 

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